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UV COATING LINE  Auto Lamp UV Coating Line Auto Lamp UV Coating Line Type C Mobile Shell & Cosmetic Container UV Coat‘g line Auto Bumper Coating Line 手机壳化妆品等电子产品喷涂生产线eng(mobilecover,makeup coating 手机壳,化妆品等电子产品喷涂生产线eng 汽车车灯喷涂生产线(联体式)eng(automible lamp coating line) 汽车车灯喷涂生产线(联体式)eng 汽车车灯喷涂生产线(联体式)eng(automoble lamp coating line() 汽车车灯喷涂生产线(分体式)eng(automobile lamp coating line() 汽车车灯喷涂生产线(分体式)eng 保险杠喷涂生产线eng(bumper coating line) 汽车车灯喷涂生产线(直线式)eng(automible lamp coating system
Coating Equipments
Coating Equipments  Manual Spray Booth Dry Spray Booth Four Sections Inner Spray Coating Machine Six Sections Turn Table Spray Coating Machine Coating Line Controller 喷涂控制柜eng(Coating control cabinet) 四工位内喷涂机eng(four stations coating machine) 水帘式手工喷房eng(spray type and by hand spurt room ) 六工位大盘旋转喷涂机eng(six station grail spin coating 干式喷房eng(dry-type spray room)
Automobile Lamp Assembly line
Automobile Lamp Assembly line  Auto Lamp Assembly Line 车灯组装线eng(Automobile Lamp Assembly Line) 玻璃退火炉eng(glassware oven)
Glassware Production Line
Glassware Production Line  Glassware Forming Machine Glass Melting Furnace & Feeder Glass Annealing Lehr 玻璃退火炉eng(glassware oven) 玻璃熔化炉及送料机eng(glass fumace and feeder machine) 玻璃成型机eng(glass moulding machine)
Auxiliary Equipemnts for Coating Line
Auxiliary Equipemnts for Coating Line  直线式退火炉eng(Annealing furnace was) 吊篮式干燥炉eng(Hanging basket drying furnace) 火焰处理机eng(flame processor) 超声波清洗机eng(ultrasonic cleaning machine) 立式恒温烤箱eng(Vertical constant temperature oven) UV光固化机eng(UV light curing machine) 平面输送带eng(flat surface conveyer belt) 人体风淋室eng(Human air shower ) 超声波清洗机eng(ultrasonic cheaners) 超声波清洗机eng(ultrasonic cleaners) UV光固化机eng(UV curable machine) 火焰处理机eng(FIRE PLASMA MACHINE) 吊篮式干燥炉eng(basket drying fumace) 立式恒温烤箱eng(formulation constant temperature roaster 人体风淋室eng(human body Auto air shower) 直线式退火炉eng
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